3 Technology Trends Driving Adoption Of Collaboration Tools

Workplaces and offices are growing in better ways in order to ensure better and a more fruitful business out of their work. With problems like the availability of a specific skill only restricted to a specific region with its employees not willing to come this far to offer you their services and world pandemics that are coming one after another every year, the businesses are now more interested in finding out ways with which their tasks can be done by the employees without having them come to the headquarters even. This is what paves way for freelancers, home-based workers, and others making use of digital ways of working in the markets.

With these modes of working getting trendier, the need for an effective and lag less cooperation and collaboration within the office workers has increased significantly over time. A vocal proof of this is the coworking in Melbourne CBD that is no less than a proper office with all the tables already booked whenever you want to spend some time here.

With the world adopting these collaborative modes of working more and more, a few digital trends are ensuring that nothing stops us from collaboratively working regardless of the geographical boundaries. Lets us introduce you to a few of our favourite ones:

  • Virtual and Augmented Reality

Yes, you read it right. VR and AR are not just for your 3D movie watching or for the game freaks around you, these are the revolutionary steps towards a better collaborative working with better tools and security systems. With VR and AR, the world of business is now experiencing an entirely new form of collaboration. Even with the employees and stakeholders present millions of kilometres far away from one another in the physical world can talk to each other and collaborate as if they are sitting in the same room of the office headquarters. We cannot wait for the day when AR and VR will become so common that we will be interacting with our long-distance colleagues as if they are right in front of us.

  • Virtual Assistants And Chatbots

Forget about long-distance working, all of us need better assistances and ease even when we are physically present within the offices with all the work going around us effectively. Thanks to these smart assistants and chatbots, everyday tasks that most of us get annoyed with are now no more a headache. These little helpers have the power to take notes, remind you about those deadlines, and make realistic schedules for you to manage all that workload effectively.

  • Application Programming Interface

How many times you were annoyed and on the verge of breaking down in your office just because the slow processing and other issues you faced when sharing data and files with your mates had been annoying you? API allows you to keep the data right with you and share it within seconds no matter how many files they are and how far away the other party is. In fact, with APIs, you don’t need to keep on sending and receiving requests for data sharing as it is available readily to everyone. Now, if that’s not collaborative working, we don’t know what is.