How Do I Become An Anaesthetist In Australia?

An anaesthetist is a professional whose job is to administer the medicine anaesthesia, which blocks the sensation of pain for a period of time which may vary given the amount and kind of anaesthesia given. Anaesthesia is given either before, during or after the surgery to ensure the patient doesn’t feel extreme pain during or after the surgery.

They also look after the patient if the patient has an adverse reaction to the medicine and look after the patient’s vital signs during surgery. Delicately looking after patients’ requirements also falls under their job description.

Becoming an anaesthetist in Australia requires one to complete a 4-6 year medical degree, then specialise in anaesthetics, complete one year of internship, two years of the residency program and five years of ANZCA training.

What Is The Use Of Anesthesia In The Medical Field?

Anaesthesia is a drug used to block the sensation of the pain for a period of a while so that the patient doesn’t feel the pain during or after the surgery. Anaesthesia has three to four types of categories then are broken down into smaller categories; they are used at different times and different places as per the requirement.

  • General Anaesthesia: General anaesthesia is used to make the person unconscious; it is given either by breathing mask or intravenously(IV). Instead of numbing the part of the body, it just renders the person unconscious.
  • Local Anaesthesia: As the word suggests, Local anaesthesia just temporarily blocks the sensation of pain while the person remains conscious.
  • Regional Anaesthesia: In this version of anaesthesia, the medicine is applied as cream or lotion prior to surgery on the part of the body which has sensory nerves responsible for feeling pain.

Role Of A Person As An Anaesthetist.

A doctor who specialises in administering anaesthesia and pain management of the patient is called Anaesthetist. He not only gives anaesthesia to the patient but also tells the patient prior to the surgery about the kind of medicine that will be given to him and its side effects.

Not only this but their roles and responsibilities as anaesthetic are also to monitor, evaluate and supervise patients. Pain management and intensive care also come under their area of supervision. Sometimes they also run the entire team, which gives anaesthesia to the patients. Regarding their responsibility, these are a few more things they help with:

  • Getting the patient ready mentally and physically, they tell the patient what is going to enter their system along with its side effects.
  • Taking care of and transporting extremely ill or injured patients.
  • Deciding how to administer anesthesia to the patient according to the patient’s medical history.
  • Determining when not to give anesthesia.
  • Devising a sound pain management schedule for the patient for pre-op, post-op and during the operation.
  • Consulting doctors regarding the doses of anesthesia that should be given to the patient.

Credentials And Things You Need To Learn To Become An Anaesthetic

Suppose you want to become an anaesthetist in Australia. In that case, you need to have patience and determination, so it will be worth it after a period of time which includes you completing a 4-6 years medical degree from any college, a year of internship where you practically get better with work experience then a two-year residency program where you start from the scratch and work your way up to be a permanent resident. Then completing a five-year ANZCA training course which contains smaller courses. Here are a few tips to help you understand better how to enrol and become a full-time professional anaesthetist

  • Complete your 12th with your focus being science, maths and English
  • Completing a medical program at a university.
  • After your graduation, complete your 1-2 years of general hospital experience/internship.
  • Completing a 5-year course from ANZCA( Australian and New Zealand College of anaesthetics ).
  • Renew your registration annually through CPD ( Continuing professional development )  

Hope this 5 step program made you aware of how to get enlisted and choose this career in Australia.

Hefty Compensation Of A Salary As An Anaesthetist In Australia

Given the amount of precision and hard work needed to excel at this job, it pays well enough as per the kind of Anaesthetist you are. Your salary can vary depending on your work hours combined with your market value in the fields. Given this job needs a lot of knowledge and experience to be good, Anaesthetists are paid enough, with a salary ranging from  $190,000 to $580,000 a year. Here’s a list of anaesthetists’ salaries based on the kind of division they are into to give you a general idea of how much they earn a year.

  • Entry-level or beginners can earn up to $190,000 to $300,000 a year
  • Most skilled or one with many years of experience can normally earn up to $250,000 to $300,000.
  • Your salary can also be varied on the basis of your work. For example, if you only work for a certain hospital, that will limit your resource of income to the hospital only. Still, working full-time publicly or for different hospitals when called for will allow you to earn quite a lot compared to only working for a hospital.
  • One of the highest-paid anaesthetists is the obstetric anaesthetists, who get paid roughly around $220,000 to $570,000 a year.

Hope this gives a general idea of how much and through what resources the salary of an Anaesthetist can vary.


So, this is how you can become an anaesthetist in Australia. The road to achieving specialisation in this field is not easy. You need patience for around 9 to 10 years to complete your medical education in this specialisation. Afterwards, you are required to have training of approximately 4 to 5 years.

But once you go through all that, you can earn a decent  salary which can lead you to enjoy a lavish life. However, balancing the grind could be daunting. To learn to do that, you should read about Dr Anthony Singh, who is a popular anesthetist based in Melbourne.