Top 10 First Mods To Do To Your Car

If you are a car lover, you are highly likely to believe in car modifying supremacy. While modifying your car and enhancing its performance could be refreshing, the process can quickly become a nightmare if even a little thing goes wrong. So, you have to know what you are doing and gain as much knowledge as possible regarding the mods you are going to install in your car. If you have not done this before but are thinking about doing it now, continue reading this article, as it will present you with the top 10 first mods you can do to your car.

1. Hard Compound Tires

You need to start from the outer layer to the inside. It is because the smoother your car is on the road, the higher its performance will be. So, the foremost thing to do is invest in hard compound tires. Know that tires are very crucial, so be bold in investing a little more money than you have initially anticipated, as it will change the whole game of your car.

2. High Flow Air Filter

Your car engine needs ample air but in the right amount to make your car function properly. This is the reason why air filters are installed. Invest in a more high-quality air filter so that your engine will get enough air and your car’s performance can increase.

3. Brake Pads & Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Braking while driving is pivotal as it can help prevent accidents. You need your brakes to be of high power and smooth. To achieve that, investing in brake pads, stainless steel brake lines and bigger brake rotors are recommended. Melbourne car parts are available here if you want to buy competent parts online.

4. Quick Ratio Steering Rack

Anything that offers efficiency can enhance your car’s performance. Quick ratio steering rack is not compatible with all cars, so you will have to do the research. If your car is compatible with it, you can install it as a quick ratio steering rack that can turn the wheel faster.

5. Replace The Worn-out Rubber Pieces

Worn-out rubber pieces in suspension can result in the slow performance of the car. If you want to make it new, replace the worn-out rubber pieces.

6. Install Bracing

Cars have a little problem while tackling corners at high speed. It can flex more than it should, which can result in your losing control. Bracing are additional components that you can install in your car or in your truck to create resistance while dealing with corners. 

7. Iridium Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are something that is responsible for kicking start your car. If they are of poor quality, your car can take significant time to start. Invest in high quality iridium spark plugs to kick start your car quickly.

8. Adjustable Anti-roll Bar

Anti-roll bars are responsible for balancing the weight of the car. You can adjust them according to the weight you usually carry in the car to increase your car’s overall performance.

9. Stripped Down Interior

The heavy interior of the car can slow down its performance. Stripping down the heavy interior of your car can enhance its performance. Once you do that, you will experience a lot of change during driving.

10. Comfortable Seats

It’s essential to consider the driver’s comfort, as if the driver is not comfortable, it can affect the driving. So, install seats that are comfortable and help the driver stay put in one place.

Final Thoughts

So, these are the 10 first mods that you can do in your car. Changing and modifying a car is a risky task. It’s crucial to keep the car’s balancing aspects and engine needs in mind. You can also take advice from a mechanic as they have more experience in modifying cars.