Top 5 Best-Funded Australian Start-Ups 2019

Australia has seen the birth of countless technologically enhanced start-ups in the past 5 years. The start-ups have drastically changed the job market of Australia, not to mention its economy, which is maintaining its steady rise. Australia’s economic environment has been conducive to the development and operating of these start-ups, giving them the wings to launch internationally as well. Most of these start-ups have started their own niche in the market. New areas where they have found their footing and grown roots, paving way for future generations to develop and thrive.

These start-ups are of every business, but mostly leverage computing and cloud technologies. These companies have had the backing and funding to give them an edge and support to find their footing. These are the top 5 best-funded start-ups in Australia:

  1. Canva: Canva is definitely the top start-up of Australia and it is one of the best-funded as well. With a total of $ 156.6 million funding, this company kept its investor’s trust and proved itself to be one of the best startups to date. It has developed software to help its clients in digital designing with a very simple online process. It has made the lives of designers and media design companies very easy.
  2. Prospa: With a funding of $ 96.7 million, this financial services and the lending company has made a name for itself in a very short span of time. Its new, innovative lending solutions are a game-changer in the financial business market. It has provided the SME’s with a brilliant platform and state of the art solutions under one roof.
  3. Spaceship: The best startup for the younger generations to understand and build wealth, Spaceship has a total of $71 million in funding. It has made its name by supporting and helping the new generations with their investment decisions and building wealth from an early age. This FinTech Company provides investment opportunities directly through its signature software application. This one of a kind start-up has really put its funds to good use.
  4. Uno: In the vast home loans industry, Uno is providing digital solutions to its users. The start-up’s total funding has been $46.1 million, which has helped it develop its state of the art online platform for its clients. This platform lets its users search for and compare home loan opportunities and even apply for the most feasible one. The start-up has developed tools to help its users compare property prices and refinancing opportunities. The idea has been brought to life wonderfully with the help of its funding.
  5. 99Designs: This professional service of digital designing and graphic engineering has had a $45 million funding. This company has developed a platform that brings clients and designers together and helps link them up according to their needs and skills. The company has countless designers and design companies on board, who’s expertise are matched with the requirements from the clients and the designers are provided accordingly.