8 Top Tips to Save Money on Ink Cartridges

Many people regret purchasing a printer only because of the high cartridge cost. Most of those people who need to print a huge volume of papers regularly are always looking for efficient ways to save money on ink cartridges and that is for all the right reasons as no one wants their hard-earned money down the drain this easily. For such individuals, this article will help a lot as it includes eight top tips to save money on ink cartridges:

  1. Print Ordinary Documents in Draft Mode

For the documents that are not official and are to be kept only to yourself you are advised to print them in draft mode. The document printed in draft mode is not of high quality as it consumes less ink and hence helps one to save money on ink cartridges.

  • Check your Printer Settings

The settings of printers also have to do a lot with the usage of ink. Change the setting of your printer to greyscale mode. While printing a photo by changing the paper quality and print quality you can save a lot of ink.

  • Shop for Low-Cost Ink Cartridges

The most efficient tip to save money on ink cartridges is to shop for low priced ink. By low priced ink cartridges we don’t mean theta you should compromise on quality. You can purchase printer cartridges at Toner City, the ink is both of low price and of best quality.

  • Change Your Printer

The easiest way to save money on ink cartridges is to buy a new printer. Search for the printer that requires and consumes less ink and shop it immediately. Shopping for a printer with a low cost per page also helps to save money spend on ink cartridges.

  • Don’t Turn the Printer Off After Every Use

When you turn off the printer you are basically wasting the ink. When the printer is turned off the ink circulated through the printer resulting in wastage of ink. So you are advised not to turn off the printer after every use. Only turn it off when you are travelling or are sure that the printer would not be used for a large number of days.

  • Proofread The Document Before Printing

Always read the document again and again before printing it. Look for grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, and others such things before printing the document. In case of official documents, printing documents without scanning for mistakes can cause trouble, as you have to correct it and have to print in again resulting in wastage of ink as well as time. In case, something can be done via an advantageous video conference or email, it’s better to do it that way and save yourself from using too much ink.

  • Avoid Unnecessary Cleaning

Unnecessary cleaning can also result in wastage of ink.  While cleaning the interior of the printer you are likely to break the ink case resulting in wastage of ink and so of the money. So to save money on ink cartridges you are advised to clean the internal part of your printer carefully and rarely.

  • Use a Smaller Font

It is quite unbelievable, but some fonts require more ink than some other fonts. To save ink and money you advised printing document in a smaller font.