9 Easy Home Improvements Under $100

If you think you cannot achieve home improvement in just a few bucks, you should rethink about it. There is a hoard of options available that you can use at home while staying within budget.

In this article, we talk about 9 ways for home improvement under $100.

1) Make Your Own Entrance

Utilize the space just inside the doorway for family and friends to put their shoes, bags and clothes. You can add in hanging hooks and shelves. Also, you can install a bench that has built-in storage for shoes and other belongings. Get creative and build your own cubby rather than buying expensive ready-made ones.

2) Install A Ceiling Fan

Install a fancy yet affordable ceiling fan in your lounge for a classy eastern look.

3) Install New Light Fixtures

One of the important elements to update your home is to install new light fixtures on the ceiling. You can install them in the kitchen, lounge as well as the corridor along the entrance. You can get beautiful yet economical light fixtures from the store.

4) Redo Your Bathroom

One place that cannot be forgotten about when improving your home is┬áthe bathroom.┬áSimple additions there can upgrade the look significantly. You can frame the mirror, add new cabinets, and add a new colour to the cabinets and whatnot. Any little addition of yours won’t get wasted there. Also, make sure all the drains and other stuff is working just fine. You can take help from the expert plumbing in Northcote in Northcote services to get things fixed.

5) Add Pots Of Plants

Adding plants of various sizes not only adds colour but also gives life to the room. If taking care of real plants is something that bothers you, you can opt for artificial ones that only need a wash once in a while.

6) Paste Stickers On The Wall

Adding toy stickers to your child’s room and some other fancy ones to your lounge will add personality to your house. This idea is light on your pocket yet gives great results.

7) Hang Blinds To The Windows

You can hang blinds on the windows to create a customized environment of your choice. The standard office blinds will give you a formal look while the wooden ones will help you create an eastern suburban look.

8) Add Floor Mats

Adding floor mats is also one brilliant idea for home improvement. It will make your home look fuller and well furnished.

9) Install A New Door Bell

When working on home improvement, also pay some attention to the exterior of your house. One of the first seen things, when a guest comes in, is the doorbell. Install a new and decorative doorbell that gives your house an upgraded look as the first impression.

Rather than spending thousands over the construction industry, get creative and use some of the discussed ideas and transform your home under as low as a hundred dollars.