How Big is the Australian Construction Industry?

Australia has one of the biggest and emerging construction industries that contribute almost 8% to the Growth Domestic Product (GDP). These construction companies that include both private and public sector agencies are the biggest driving force behind the economic activity of the country. Due to the immense contribution to the country’s economy, these agencies are responsible for making the construction industry the third-largest industry in Australia. Almost 330,000 private and public sector agencies and a figure of one million people deal with construction work in Australia. The construction projects in the country rise by 2% quarterly which is a shred of clear evidence for the construction company’s growth.

Construction Agencies Activities

The construction agencies in Australia provide basic infrastructure and building material to the industries of the country for their development and establishment. All construction agencies design their activities by keeping in view the government policies regarding infrastructure, pricing, residential building including planning and taxation. The activity of these agencies highly hinges on the availability of the resources, which include building equipment, building materials, and trained labourers. The construction agencies basically cover three developmental actions all over the country.

1.       Residential buildings structure:  Australian construction agencies work for the development of the townhouses, homes, flats and quarters.

2.       Non-residential buildings: Other than residential buildings, the construction agencies also deal with the infrastructure of non-residential buildings that include private organizations i.e. industrial premises, hospitals, offices, shops, hotels, and entertainment facilities.

3.       Engineering Construction: Most of the construction companies contribute to the establishment of industrial projects i.e. mining, major infrastructure, and other major industrial resource projects.

The construction business in Australia:

Because of the construction agencies, the different scope of product and services, and its conventional structure of subcontracted and legitimately authorized exchange specializations, not many individual agencies develop to a size that directs a generous piece of the pie. Accordingly, the industry includes independent companies with less than 20 representatives (98.6% of development organizations). Undoubtedly, 60% of construction agencies are sole administrators without any workers. However, there are some agencies that provide recruitment and help workers to serve in the construction industry of the country. Zoom recruitment is one such company that bridges the gap between construction jobs and job seekers and help shape their career in the construction sector of Australia.

Employment in the Construction Sector:

Work in the business has been described by moderately strong recuperation in 2013 and by large development through 2014. This reflects work gains in the construction area because of the recuperation in lodging, apartment, and housing activities. Regardless of the loss of employment in the engineering construction area in 2014 and 2015, the absolute construction business has reinforced.