How Long Does It Take to Become an Electrician in Australia?

Choosing a specific career can be quite daunting since it is a lifelong decision and your entire life depends on it. Are you thinking of a career as an electrician? If you are, it is certainly going to be the best decision of your life and truly worth it. Like every other career opportunities, in order to become an electrician, there is a certain recruitment process with its own demands and necessary steps that one needs to follow which can take about four years.

No need to get shocked by the length of it, it takes a while to become a fully licensed electrician. However, if you are not into the whole 4-year thing, here is exciting news for you-  you do not need to be a fully licensed electrician, you can still get a job and start getting paid. Otherwise, for those looking for a license, it takes up to four years to complete the apprenticeship and become an electrician. In case you need help with electrical work, check out


If you want to get an entry-level position, you can become an electrician helper. For this, all you require is a high school diploma and once you make connections and deliver your potential, it might get you an apprenticeship. Whereas, if you are looking for more than just some menial tasks, you could opt for becoming an electrician’s assistant. This requires going to an electrician school and graduating as employers would need to see a diploma or certificate to hire you. It pays you more than being a helper. Also, the degree might get you into an apprentice program. The third option is to skip the electrician school and apply for an apprenticeship. The challenging part about this is that you will have to take an entrance test and a couple of interviews. Although it will take some time to get started, you will start getting paid as soon as you begin the apprenticeship.


Here comes the main question- how long does it take to become an electrician? It completely depends on how much time you spend in the electrician school. As long as electrician school is concerned, know that it depends on the type of program you are opting. These programs vary. Some are only for a few months, whereas others can extend up to a year and a half. All these programs are for different purposes as each program prepares you for a different skill. Some program may prepare you for residential work, consisting of installing and maintaining electricity in houses. On the other hand, some may prepare you for working in a commercial or industrial setting. Hence, graduating from an electrician school entirely depends on the program you opt for. In order to become a fully licensed electrician by completing the apprenticeship, it usually takes about four years.