Choosing The Best Recovery Tracks For Your Off-Road Vehicle: Factors To Consider

To refresh your mind from daily activities, there are a great number of outdoor sports to indulge in that will give you an adrenaline rush. Off-road tracking and climbing the dunes is an excellent adventure for car enthusiasts. Off-road driving can lead to unexpected events like being stuck in the mud or losing traction on rocks which is very common.

To help you in those situations is a recovery device, a longboard that has cleats on the bottom and teeth on the top, which helps you get a grip on the surface so you can pull yourself free. Recovery boards are great pieces of equipment to get you out of trouble. Here is everything you need to know about the factors to consider when buying the best recovery tracks for you

Type Of Recovery Tracks

Different types of boards are used on different surfaces as each individual track provides a better function for the terrain they are made for. Some may work better on sand and rocks, and others can be used for bridging ladders. But the best are those which can be used in multiple terrains. Traction mats, pillows or boards provide high friction for extreme situations. Your choice should be based on how much weight you need to be pulled; that will get you on the right track for you.

Size Of Recovery Board

Size is one of the leading factors in recovery boards; companies provide a range in size to cater for all vehicle types and storages. It is seen smaller boards are easier to deal with. But off-road driving can lead to unexpected turns, so carry a recovery board large enough just in case if required.


The weight of the recovery board varies on the quality of material used in the track and the amount of weight they are supposed to withstand. Before going off-road, consider your total weight; you don’t want your board to crack while using it. The board’s weight can vary depending on how much you carry.

Quality Of The Board

Recovery boards break all the time, either due to excessive weight or wheel spin. Choose the best quality board that will pay off in difficult times. Not necessarily heavy weight is good; some top-quality boards are light in weight while having extraordinary durability.

Consider The Number Of Recovery Tracks You Need

Depending on the weight of your vehicle and the terrain, you might need multiple tracks to get the job done. Four tacks are considered mandatory, and six just to be on the safe side. Having an extra pair of tracks won’t hurt; you never know when it might come in handy.


Sports are fun, but they have a downside of getting hurt; having the safety gear and taking proper precautions ensures nothing goes south. Considering the vehicle’s total weight and the terrain you will be off-roading on will give the idea of what kind of recovery board you require. You can findĀ  Affordable and high-quality recovery tracks for sale in the store near you on the boxing day sale.