How is Hiring Being Done During COVID-19

Undoubtedly, the arrival of COVID-19 has impacted the entire world. We no longer live, think, and even eat the way we used to. It seems so strange as to how just a couple of weeks, with a deadly virus infecting people around us, has changed our entire outlook about life. What was once a normal and fine thing to do is no more the same. Rather, our previous ways of getting things done and our mannerism of normal days is not anymore something that we can call NORMAL now.

With all that is now the new safe and the new normal in our lives, life keeps on going ahead and the world, in no way, has stopped. If you are looking for work because your previous employer downsized their business or terminated your employment for any other reason, please note that the new hiring is in no way similar the previous one.

Even the most casual labour hire in Melbourne is now being done virtually, in a manner that is either too complicated for some to comprehend or has a lot of requirements to fulfil. The new hiring is all dependent on internet and your skills with the use of technology to determine whether or not you will get the job.

A generic hiring process in times of corona virus starts with an employer posting the need for employees and all the requirements that a potential candidate needs to fulfil. The ad is either posted on digital job providing platforms or many reach you through someone who holds a position relevant to your work niche. Once you get informed of the job and its requirements, you are likely to send your resume and other such documentation for job application via email. The process here up till now is not really different than the process that is adapted normally for the job hiring whether or not there is any pandemic prevailing.

The actual change, not too complicated to grasp, comes after your resume has been reviewed and you have been intimated of an interview that will surely take place on a live video call. For this step, make sure that your internet, camera, and voice quality are all perfect for a video call because effective video conferencing is now the determiner of how good or bad you will be at the job that is being offered to you.

Once done with the interview and hired after a series of probatory tasks, most of your work will be done online using different collaboration tools. Make sure to know how all of these works and try being as vigilant as you can be with working. Just because you aren’t in front of your boss does not mean that you do whatever you want to and in whatever manner.

Lastly, the hiring process may vary based on the type of job you are looking forward to be hired for but it will mostly be virtual. Make sure to be vigilant and calm with whatever your employers demand so that you get the job easily.