How to Build a Skincare Routine for Sensitive Skin?

It is every girl’s dream to have the perfect looking skin. One that is just as smooth and clear as glass. However, with what we eat and put in our bodies, prevent us from doing so. We tend to care for it by using various face masks and using natural remedies. However, nothing seems to work.

This is because our skin needs a proper skincare routine for it to improve. Your skin texture and the problems with your skin cannot improve within a day or two. You need to give it time and effort to let it show results. It’s like a process or steps that you follow each night and then it starts to show results. There are a few things that you can add to your skincare routine that will help you get the perfect skin you are after, hence helping you get the perfect shot for Instagram. We have mentioned those down below.

The skincare routine you have is dependent upon the type of skin you have. Different products suit different skin types. If you have sensitive skin that can easily react to products and get inflamed, then you should opt for the products we mention below.


Cleansing lotion:

In the morning, you should go for a cleaning lotion that will help remove all the dirt off of your face. At night when we sleep, we tend to accumulate dirt, our pores tend to open up and release oils and our face can get dirty. This mild cleansing gel will help get rid of the impurities. 


Then follow it up with a moisturizer to lock in the moisture into your skin. Moisturizers can do wonders for your skin. By using a moisturizer, you make your skin supple and soft. It not only helps keep your skin refreshed it also helps repair it.

Face Mist:

Lastly, use a face mist to refresh your skin. Then you can go about your day and wear makeup, go to work or do what you need to do.


Micellar Water:

At night after having a tiring day, you should cleanse your face with micellar water, so it removes all the impurities. This will remove all the dirt you have accumulated on your face from the day you have had and remove all sorts of makeup you have worn.

Cleansing Gel:

Next, use a cleansing gel to remove the makeup or residue left behind. This will remove whatever is left behind from the micellar water and remove any impurities from your skin, making it clean and soft.

Mandelic Acid

Using mandelic acid serum can help brighten and purify your skin. It has so many benefits for your skin and is an excellent ingredient to add to your nighttime routine. However, if you prefer another ingredient, then adding hyaluronic acid is also a smart decision or an anti-aging serum. You can look for ultimate anti-aging serum here.


Lastly, end the routine with a moisturizer to make your skin supple and soft. Not only will it lock the moisture into your skin for the rest of the night, but it will also help in repairing your skin throughout the night.