Difference between compatible and original toner cartridges

It seems there are few misconceptions about compatible and original toner cartridges and inks. When it comes to buying ink, many shoppers tend to go for default inks, which are original toners. What they do not at times realize is that these inks can be more expensive in comparison to compatible cartridges and ink. Also, some people believe that these cartridges will spoil your printer and ruin the quality of the print. Wee, some of these statements are true and some are false. This is why we have written this article to give you awareness about the two types of ink cartridges and which one is better for your printer in Australia. If you have been looking for ink cartridges, then visit here for canon ink cartridges.

  1. Manufacturers

When we talk about original toner cartridges, then we mean that the cartridge was created by the same brand that created the printer. However, compatible cartridges are created by a different company from the manufacturer. Compatible cartridges are known to work just as well and are just as reliable. However, you need to get it from a good store. They are much cheaper, affordable and don’t deter the quality of the printer

  • Brand and names

The original toner cartridges are better because they tend to have better functionality in comparison to compatible cartridges. However, the concept of compatible cartridges is still very new and people are still just learning about it. They work just as well and when they are returned, cleaned and filled they are called remanufactured rather than the originals which are called refilled.

  • Price

Original cartridges are made after tons of research and time. This is why these cost much more than the compatible cartridges. As they tend to charge for the cost of the research and the time spent. However, compatible cartridges tend to retail for much lesser because they do not have such extra costs. Meaning they are generally much cheaper than the original toner cartridges. However, in this case, you need to make sure you buy from a reputable seller to make sure no fraudulent products are sold to you.

  • Warranty

Most of the printers you buy come with a warranty of 12 months. When an original cartridge tends to malfunction in some way, the company or manufacturer will be held responsible and the warranty can be used to replace it. However, when the compatible cartridge causes damage to your printer, then the supplier cannot take responsibility as the warranty only holds for their products. Even though it is unlikely that a cartridge would mess up a printer, but it is good to take precaution.

  • Quality of print

It is said that there is barely any difference in the quality of the print when it comes to the cartridges. In the UK, the highest quality print is said to be by a compatible cartridge and not by an original one. However, it is recommended that you use one original to 3-4 compatible cartridges.