How to Increase Product Sales in a Competitive Environment

The cold war between sales and marketing has been going on forever, and there seems to be no conclusive argument on which department is more crucial to an organization. While the marketing chiefly focuses on promoting products, strategizing campaigns, and creating a brand image, the sales-force in always neck deep involved in bringing the influx of customers.  While it is true that brand image matters, so does the value of the brand and the growth of employees, but all of it eventually boils down to numbers.

No business can survive based just on brand image and with the increasing market saturation, sales targets are getting difficult to reach. However, with a few well-thought strategies, the marketing and sales department, hand in hand can bring an ultimate boost in product sales for a company. Here’s our list of the top strategies or tools which help in increasing sales.

  1. Upsell Moves: If they buy it once, they are likely to buy it again. While it is important to reach out to new data, an intelligent move is to keep a larger focus on existing data and make upsell moves to the client, but that of course only if you have previously satisfied the client. Lead sales professionals believe if the sales force diverts 70% of its attention to the existing customer, that can guarantee a dramatic increase in sales.
  • Introduce New Products: With an ever saturated market, now is the right time to introduce a new product or service. Based on whatever product you primarily sell, study the global trends closely and figure out what could make the next big thing.  Also make sure your get customers reviews on your products, as good customer reviews guarantee an increase in sales.
  • Cold Calling is Still Fruitful: While you may believe in reaching out to existing data or those who sign up with your website, cold calling can still boost your sales numbers. However, the few things to keep in mind while considering cold calling is the time you are calling your customer, the product you are offering as well as any negotiation strategies that might come handy while you are trying to convert the customer. Its best to acquire a 1300 or 1800 number for inbound calling in Australia to further enhance your sales.
  • Integrated IT Services are the Key: In any sales oriented environment, CRM is the key. Handling data of hundreds of clients manually can be quite tiring, but with a proper CRM, not only your production line becomes synchronized but it becomes quite easy for the sales force to track sales, review order status and connect with old data. In addition to the CRM, chatbots, and APIs also play a key role in minimizing effort and maximizing efficiency.
  • Pay Per Click: How simple would it be to have your buyer directed to your shop. That’s what pay per click does. PPC might be a bit expensive and the conversion ratio might be a little less than conventional means, but it is sure to send potential customers your way and eventually boost sales in no time.

These 5 strategies are the best ways to not only improve the sales of your service/product but also help you establish a great brand value in the market.